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About the Brass Ring

The Brass Ring is a brass quintet composed primarily - but not exclusively - of engineering students. In keeping with the brass quintet style, the Brass Ring nominally includes two trumpets, a French horn, a trombone, and a tuba. The group performs a variety of quintet arrangements ranging from simple hymns to professional performance pieces at several events throughout the year. During weekly rehearsals, members learn to play as a group without relying on a conductor to lead. Experienced members of the group are relied upon to coach newer members in musicality and playing style, making this a very close and friendly group. If you want to play fun and challenging brass quintet music, the Brass Ring is the place to be!

Joining the Brass Ring

New members are auditioned by open rehearsal. The Brass Ring will have its first open rehearsal in mid-September. For exact scheduling, contact us with your name, program of study, and instrument. Due to its small size, the Brass Ring can often change its rehearsal schedule from semester to semester to better accommodate its members.


The Brass Ring performs at several events throughout the year, including the University's Remembrance Day Ceremony, the Skule™ Choir Christmas performance, and the Skule™ Music Coffee House. Past engagements include Faculty Club dinner parties, Alumni events, and wedding entertainment, to name a few. We are always interested in performing at events large or small. If you are looking for live music at your event, please send us an email.


The Brass Ring is one of the oldest Skule™ Music groups. Since 2006, the Brass Ring has been a place for experienced musicians and amateurs alike to practice and perform challenging pieces in a variety of venues and events. As the group gained more experience, they sought out more challenging repertoire and more demanding events. The performance ability of the group has always varied from year to year as older members move on or graduate and new members join.

The Brass Ring has several times attended the Kiwanis Music Festival of Toronto. The group has earned first-place in its category and a rating of Gold at that competition.

For the past several years, the Brass Ring has played hymns at the University's Remembrance Day ceremony. While not our most technically-challenging performance, this has been an excellent opportunity for the group to make a meaningful contribution to the students and faculty of the entire campus.

While typically having five members, the Brass Ring has occasionally had more or fewer than the typical complement of a brass quintet. In 2009, the Brass Ring took on an additional French horn and tuba, while in 2012 the group performed with only one trumpet. We're always interested in new musicians.

Brass Ring Events

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