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Concerto Competition

In the Skule Orchestra's Concerto Competition, talented students from the University of Toronto will compete for the opportunity to perform with the orchestra. Accompanists are not required; if you are looking for an accompanist, however, we would be glad to help. If you are interested in performing a solo work with the orchestra, whether it be a song, aria, concerto, concertino, or otherwise, contact us!

Applications for the Concerto Competition are now open! Winning this competition will give you a chance to perform during the 2017 - 2018 season. To sign up, please e-mail with your name, instrument, and performance piece.

Rules for the Competition

  1. Candidate Eligibility
    1. All candidates must be members of the University of Toronto community.
    2. Candidates shall enter by e-mailing by a prespecified date.
    3. Due to the limited resources of the Orchestra, the Competition Committee (cf. Article 2) may limit the number of candidates from those who are not active members of the Orchestra.
    4. There shall be no upper limit to the number of candidates for active Orchestra members.
  2. Competition Committee
    1. The Orchestra shall assemble a Competition Committee for judging all entries and selecting the winning entry to the Competition.
    2. Committee members shall be selected entirely from active Orchestra members.
    3. The Committee shall include at least one executive member and one non-executive member of the Orchestra.
    4. The Committee shall set the maximum number of candidates as described in Article 1c; if the number of entries are excessive, the Committee shall select the candidates for the Competition.
  3. Repertoire
    1. Any work for soloist and orchestra is acceptable for performance in the competition. Suitable genres include arias, songs, concerti, concertini, etc.
    2. Works featuring more than one soloist, e.g. Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra (K. 364), may be allowable.
    3. Budget, time constraints, and other considerations may render some works unsuitable for performance with the orchestra. Candidates are advised to consult the Competition Committee before committing to a work to ensure its suitability.
    4. The timing for the candidate's selected work shall be a minimum of 4 minutes. An entire concerto, or movement(s) thereof, is allowable as long as the minimum time limit is met. Vocalists may select two shorter pieces in order to meet the minimum time limit.
    5. The jury may choose to limit audition time due to time constraints, and will inform candidates in advance of their audition. Those who have selected longer works may determine what part(s) of the work they will perform in the Competition.
    6. Candidates are responsible for submitting one (1) copy of the soloist's music a week in prior to the audition.
  4. Performance
    1. Candidates will be assigned an audition time slot by the Committee.
    2. While the Committee shall strive to make reasonable scheduling accommodations, once the schedule is confirmed, any candidate who is unable to attend at the prescribed time will be disqualified; no make-ups shall be offered.
    3. The music need not be memorized for the competition.
    4. Candidates may be accompanied by a maximum of one (1) piano accompanist or a pre-recorded recording.
    5. The Committee will supply one piano and one electronic 88-key keyboard.
    6. For the purpose of the competition, please omit all repeats except D.C.s and
  5. Adjudication
    1. The winner of the Competition shall be determined by the collective adjudication of the jury.
    2. The jury will consist of the Committee members, plus a maximum of one (1) external adjudicator that the Committee member may appoint.
    3. Criteria for the selection of the winning entry include both the musicality of the candidates themselves, as well as the compatibility of the candidate and the chosen repertoire with the Orchestra.
    4. The orchestra will make every effort to perform the winning entry with the winner of the Competition at the Orchestra's final concert; however, owing to unforeseeable challenges, the Orchestra reserves the right to request change in the repertoire, or in the event of a refusal, select an alternate soloist to feature.
    5. Separate to selecting the winner of the Competition, the jury will select the 3 top-ranked candidates. The criteria for the selection of the top-ranked candidates will not be based on the compatibility of the candidate and the chosen repertoire with the Orchestra. The jury reserves the right not to award all 3 top ranks.
    6. The winner of the Competition and the top-ranked candidates will be announced by e-mail and at Skule Orchestra rehearsal.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. All complaints must be submitted in writing, either in hard copy or in e-mail, to the Manager of the Orchestra and the Committee.
    2. The Committee reserves the right to modify the rules as necessary; in the event of a change, however, the Committee shall make a reasonable attempt to communicate it to the appropriate audience.

Past Winners

  • 2015-2016: Allan Kuan, Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2
  • 2013-2014: Nat Leung, Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1
  • 2011-2012: Haruna Monri, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major
  • 2010-2011: Xi Chen, Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2
  • 2008-2009: Alice Chun, Schumann Piano Concerto in A Minor